About Decisive Software

Decisive Software is a small individual run company specializing in creating mobile iOS apps for affiliate marketing and user engagement. The iOS app is designed specifically for individual bloggers and blogging affiliate marketers who want to improve their online presence and increase traffic to their blogs or campaigns. The app can increase user engagement through push notifications, user-generated comments, and specialized custom features that compliment your niche.

Custom Mobile Solutions

Custom WordPress Website

The mobile app is designed to help you grow your blogging business by providing powerful tools that make it easy for you to create high-quality content, engage with your readers, and track website traffic. With this app, you can:

* Keep your readers engaged with push notifications and user-generated comments.

* Improve user engagement by adding audio content to your blog, such as interviews or recordings of live events.

* Embed video links directly into your blog posts or use a custom video player.

* Plan and schedule your content in advance, ensuring that you’re always publishing fresh, relevant content.

* Customize the app theme to match your blog.

* Receive personalized recommendations based on location, such as nearby restaurants or attractions.

I believe that engagement is key to building a strong online presence and growing your blogging business. That’s why the iOS app includes powerful features like push notifications and user-generated comments that help you keep your readers engaged and coming back for more.